• ETP-S5000PMGG-02


EETI's new generation capacitive touch controller was created for application that demands a fast touch response and outstanding dragging performance. Enhanced noise immunity comes from ESCAP7000's revolutionary auto frequency control (AFC) algorithim that automatically selects a best working frequency against its enviormental noises.


-High Accuracy.

-Excellent noise Immunity.

-Built-in voltage regulation circuit.

-Enhanced response speed.

-Enhanced ESD capability.

-Wide operating temperature range.

-Auto frequency Control. (21KHz to 147KHz)

-USB & RS232 auto detection.

5 Wire PS/2 controller (ETP-MB-S5000PMGG)
PS/2 cable (ETP-CB-SXP00)
5 pin flat cable (ETP-CB-5XN00) ETP-MB-S5000PMGG-02
5 Wire PS/2 controller

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