Th   The Production Matte Box has been designed to work with the latest generation of larger sensor cameras as well as broadcast

and film lenses (accepting up to 114mm CP lens type diameter lenses). It can be used in either Clip-On-Mode or Bar Mounted. 


It features two filter stages. The front tray is fixed and the rear tray rotates 360 degrees.  The rotating filter tray can be locked to

a set position. The filter trays allow for both 4x4 filters and P size 4x5.65 frames.

With the use of adaptor/step up GAR rings a wide range of lenses can be used with the Production Matt Box in Clip-On-Mode

(52mm to 82mm).

Lenses greater than 82mm and up to 114mm can be used with the Production Matte Box (Bar mounted with the use of Nuns


The high quality production ensures the Production Matte Box has a quality finish. The Ray Shade coating is finished with a

highly efficient non-reflective material.

All parts are guaranteed and under the standard terms of warranty.

4.         Optional Extras

            The Production Matte Box consists of Rayshade with two filter trays and 114mm Donut ring.

Other items you may consider purchasing with your Genus Production Matte Box are:

1.         Genus Adaptor Rings and Genus Step up Ring Set.  (Required to use the Production Matte Box in Clip-On-Mode with lenses 52mm to 82mm)

2.         Genus Nuns Knickers (GP-NK) (Required to use the Production Matte Box with lenses above 82mm-113mm. 114mm lenses can clamp onto the 114mm Donut ring provided with the Production Matte Box)

3.         Genus Production Matte Box Mount Bracket

4.         Genus French Flag Assembly (For PMB) (GPTF)

5.         Genus Side Flags (G-SFS)


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