The Genus Matte Box Lite, whilst great for professional user’s conscious of a lightweight solution, is also perfect for entry

level consumers as it gives you great control of light, and keeping the price down. The matte box clips onto your

camera lenses easily via adapter rings.

One of the best compact designed Matte Boxes you can find on the market. 

 It comes with a 1 stage, 4x4” 360 degree rotatable filter tray. There are audible clicks at every 90-degree rotation, so you can judge the position of the filter.

Built as a clip on system, the Genus Matte Box Lite does not come with the option to mount on rods (for option to mount on rods refer to GWMC).

3.         Key Points

            #          Lightweight compact Matte Box perfect for run and gun shooting

            #          Low affordable pricing

            #          Ability to control light (and use of top flag will increase ability to control light)


4.         Optional Extras

            The Genus Matte Box Lite consists of Rayshade with 1 rotating stage 4x4 filter tray.

Other items you may consider purchasing with your Genus Matte Box Lite are:

1.         French Flag Assembly (Top Flag) (GFFW)

2.         Genus Screw in Adaptor Rings

3.         Genus Step Up Rings

4.         Side Flags


(Please note: The option to purchase Side flags is available however this will add weight to the Matte Box and reduce its flexibility. For those wanting Side Flags the GWMC has the same Rayshade dimensions and can be rod mounted).

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